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"Fjellheisen," located in my hometown, is undeniably one of the most sought-after tourist attractions. It comes as no surprise, given its unparalleled charm and allure.
For me personally, it holds a special place in my heart as my absolute favorite spot in Tromsø.
Fjellheisen is a remarkable cable car that transports you on a picturesque voyage to the summit of Mount Storsteinen, granting awe-inspiring vistas of Tromsø, the adjacent fjords, and the captivating Arctic landscape.
When you visit Tromsø, one of the most remarkable places to explore is the "Rakettkiosken."

This charming and compact kiosk exudes a unique appeal, particularly due to its location above the Arctic Circle.

Make sure to pay it a visit and experience its distinct atmosphere.
Inspired by Tromsø, my hometown, one of the most captivating buildings known as "Verdensteatret" happens to be the oldest movie theater in Northern Europe.

What's more, it boasts one of the trendiest bars in town.

A visit to Verdensteatret is an absolute must when you find yourself in Tromsø!
Have you ever wondered what it's like to spend an Easter holiday in the Arctic?

I have attempted to depict my ideal day, which would involve skiing or splitboarding beneath the enchanting northern lights, concluding with a refreshing swim.

Welcome to Tromsø! 

Working on a skating session with the exceptionally skilled skater Santino Exenberger was an incredibly enjoyable project, especially at the picturesque Marktplatz in Innsbruck.

Without a doubt, Innsbruck ranks among my favorite cities worldwide, boasting a stunning backdrop of majestic mountains.

It's astonishing how I ended up spending a significant amount of time here due to the COVID-19 situation and my inability to return to China. I suppose certain circumstances are simply meant to unfold in their own way.
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