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Having spent 15 years away, I often found myself longing for my hometown. Suddenly being "COVID-stuck" in that very same place for almost a year, I found myself still longing. Isn't it strange? My mom asked me if I could draw a picture to describe it, and one drawing evolved into this little passion project titled "Tromsø dreaming". Hope you like it, and, welcome to my beautiful hometown- Tromsø :)

Beats By
Animation and Vocal by ChrissyLee


I instantly fell in love with Innsbruck the first time I came here.  And it has since become my home until I eventually (if ever) will be able to return to China.  Exposed to and inspired by all the vast, incredibly scenic spots here, I wanted to convey what a dream day in IBK looks like to me.  And so, this is 'The Innsbruck Christmas Story à la Chrissy Lee'. If you're in need of that Christmas feeling, come visit. Or maybe watch this. Hopefully, it will spark your Xmas yearning 🎅🏻🖍🎬🥰 Enjoy!

Beats and Sound Effects By
Animation and Vocal by ChrissyLee


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